The House of DunRaven

by Steven Thomas Lympus, Book One of The Benjamin Stories

A middle-grade novel imagining a world without Scripture.
A series exploring the wonder and complexity of adoption.

What if your parents weren’t who you thought they were?

What if the world you thought you knew turned out to be something entirely different?

Benjamin Story is adopted. He has known this his whole life. But last year his mother died, and now his father has gone missing. Suddenly, Ben’s in search of a mysterious past his parents never told him about…and someone wants to stop him before he discovers the truth. Relying on hope, friendship, and his gut instincts, Benjamin journeys into a dark world where truth and lies are hard to tell apart – a world where being able to remember can make all the difference.


A letter from Steve and Laura, Theo & Gauge Lympus

Dear Bethany,

We are so excited to share this new story with you! Bethany has helped shape the story of our family, as well as Benjamin’s story that begins with this book.

We met and married at Bethany…
We struggled through our infertility at Bethany…

We got to know and love families of wonderfully different shapes at Bethany…

We will never forget hearing from afar that a staff person ran across the street to buy a rose the Sunday that Theoden was born in Montana. A flower never meant so much to us.

It was in the Bethany family that we realized how deeply we are all shaped by God’s Great Big Adoption Story. We are grateful for our “home church” and all the ways you have loved our family over the years and miles. Thank you.

Steve Lympus served at Bethany as the Associate Pastor from 2002-2006. You can order a copy of his book on Amazon.