February 2018

Chuck McFarland pointed us to Christ by having us listen to that day’s “Pray As You Go,” focused on temptation, and having us spend time individually reflecting and praying to God openly about areas in our lives where we are tempted.

Carolyn Burkland reported that our revenue for January 2018 was significantly higher than January 2017, largely due to several members already having given their entire 18-month 2018-2019 pledge. Our January 2018 expenses were lower than last year, mostly due to lower current seismic loan expenses.

We voted to recommend to Presbytery’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry that Elaine Meyers be moved to Candidacy status.

Pastor Doug, Linda Cutshall, Zach Christensen, and Joy Thomas introduced a model that the Small Groups ministry is now using for launching new small groups at Bethany.

We removed 56 people from the membership rolls, most of whom have been inactive for years or have moved geographically. We celebrate that most of these people are worshipping now at other churches.

Anne van Roden led us in prayer with a focus on pastoral care of all family members at Bethany, especially as we note how some familiar sisters & brothers are leaving and other sisters & brothers are newly arriving.