Bethany Briefs
March 2013

serving young people overseas

Cathyby Cathy Hayashi

When Linda Cutshall and Bruce Devereaux asked me to consider finishing Bob Gerstmeyer’s unexpired term as Home Group Elder, I sensed the Lord’s timing and provision. While in Hawaii during the 1990’s, I was ordained as an Elder but never had an opportunity to serve on Session before moving away. After many years following the Lord Jesus and developing as a Christian counselor, I experienced a certain restlessness to minister outside my professional practice. Coming on Session has brought the restlessness to an end, and a deep fulfillment energizing my work developing Bethany’s Home Groups.

I’ve heard it said, “So how do you get into a Home Group at Bethany?”

In the months ahead I hope to provide the answer to that question along with training for facilitators, and a refreshing of our Home Group community. I believe Home Groups are where we “love one another” by being in each other’s lives ministering the care and compassion of Jesus Christ. Home Groups are spaces where God’s Word can come to life and fellowshipping prayer can invigorate each person.

With the Home Group roster almost updated and organized, there will soon be a simple questionnaire in the bulletin to find out how many would like to be in a Home Group. With that information, strategizing, group formation and facilitator/leadership development will begin. I’d also like to invite any who are interested in facilitating or leading a Home Group to email me at crcseattle@comcast.net.

I am looking forward to writing my Home Group Elder’s annual report next January and seeing what God does in Bethany’s Home Groups this year!