Bethany Briefs
March 2013

serving young people overseas

by Mike & Katie Lucero

luceroIn 2004, Katie and I moved across the world to serve at an international school. We lived there for two years.

This fall, our family begins a journey back; back to the South Pacific and the school there, back to crazy traffic, ash, a 5 AM call to prayer, and smog. But it is also a return to great food, amazing people, and a thriving ministry.


This time around God has shown us three areas to focus on:

1. Supporting Christian Missionaries
One of the largest reasons Christian workers leave the field is because they are unable to find affordable quality education for their children. The International School is centrally located nearby ministry and service related opportunities. Furthermore, tuition is often subsidized making it affordable for self-funded Christian workers.

lucero2. Equipping Students
The international school has a student body that represents over 12 countries and almost every continent. Us teachers at the school have the unique opportunity to disciple and encourage students who will be returning to home countries across the globe with a passion for Christ.

3. Serving the community
We have the opportunity to teach art and English at an afterschool program, help physical therapy patients, lead a mom’s group in the neighborhood, and volunteer at a local orphanage. All of these are exciting opportunities to show God’s love to “the least of these.”

luceroWe often ask why God has called us from our families, a church we are connected to and jobs that we love. As we reflect on this question, we are always drawn back to two reasons. First, these ministries are essential to sharing Christ’s Love with the people of the South Pacific and second, we know without a doubt, that God has called our family to fulfill this need.

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