Doug Kelly
Head of Staff

Matt Bell
Clerk of Session

Fred Drummond

Chad Marshall
Adult Christian Education

Bruce Devereaux
Arts Ministries

(not pictured)

Laurie Nelson
Children and Families Ministries

Darien Palpant
Children and Families Ministries

Jane Frissell
Congregational Life

Deacon Representative

Lynne Faris Blessing
Associate Pastor for Outreach

Dianne Ross
Director of Children's Ministries

Linda Cutshall
Director of Congregational Care

Julia Sensenbrenner
Global Outreach Ministries

Cathy Hayashi
Group Life

Mark Russo
Local Outreach Ministries

Carol Andersen
Newcomers/New Members

Scott Cummins
Nominating Committee

Mig Schaaf

Anne van Roden
Prayer Ministries

Kelly Pearson
Stewardship Ministries


Gerry Champagne

Tom Oines
Wednesday Night Ministries

Delene DeForest-Dale
Worship Ministries

Misty Grieger
Youth Ministries


If you would like to write a letter to Session, you may email the Clerk here: matthewbell43@yahoo.com.
Please address letters to Session with "Dear Session."

If you would have a question or concern for Pastor Doug, you can email him here: dougk@bethanypc.org.