Parents' Night Out
May 19, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Our High School students are fundraising for their Mission Trip this summer!  Here's how you can help....

Saturday May 19 is Parents Night Out!  Drop off your kids between age 1 month through 5th grade to Bethany Fellowship Hall ANYTIME from 5-8pm.  Dinner will be served.  There will be games, fun, playtime, coloring, etc.  High Schoolers are excited about playing with your kids! (There will be an adult supervising this event.)
You can run errands, go on a date, invite a few other Bethany families out to dinner with you... whatever you would like. 
Cost: $30 for one kid, $20 for the second kid, and $10 each after that. 
Families do not need to go to Bethany to attend.  Invite your friends/neighbors!

Register by emailing Danielle: