Parents' Night Out
Feb 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Parents’ Night Out!
Our High School students are fundraising for their Mission Trip this summer!  We are headed to Puerto Rico and 100% of the proceeds from Parents' Night Out will go to construction materials  to rebuild after the recent hurricane there.

Here's how you can help....
FRIDAY February 15 is Parents Night Out!  Drop off your kids between age 1 month through 7th grade to Bethany Fellowship Hall ANYTIME BETWEEN 6 - 9pm.  Dinner (pizza) will be served.  There will be games, fun, playtime, coloring, a  movie, etc.  High Schoolers are excited about playing with your kids! (There will be an adult supervising this event.)
You can run errands, go on a date,  or invite a few other Bethany families out to dinner with you... whatever you would like. 
Cost: $30 for one kid, $20 for the second kid, and $10 each after that. 
Additional donations welcome.
You can register your kids HERE for Parents’ Night Out.  Please also forward to family and friends.