Hymnal Discussion Forum
Every week on Sunday until Feb 10, 2019 from 10:15a to 11:15a
Organizer: Amy Eyler

The New Hymnal Selection Team is charged with reporting back to Session in a timely manner with their recommendation for a new hymnal that will empower and inspire Bethany's worship of God. In its work, the selection team will rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading as it discerns through prayerful conversation, study of scripture, and congregational listening.  The team will reflect upon Bethany's unique worship history and theological culture, including but not limited to our mission statement, DNA character and the five traditions that feed into our church culture. In addition, the team will consider opportunities for growth that may be aided by a new hymnal. These include but are not limited to: global music, languages, and hymnody from the African American tradition. The team will provide opportunities for input from musicians, leaders and the congregation at large. The team will select a hymnal that includes hymns of old and new expressions which will embolden and empower us to voice our love to Jesus and tell Christ’s story in and to our Seattle culture. The New Hymnal Selection Team will work with the Administration Team to present a funding plan in its final report.

Ways to participate in engage with the committee and offer feedback: 


  • Fill out questions on the back of this insert; also available online at bethanypc.org
  • Come to an in-person forum on Feb 3rd or 10th at 10:15am in 7 Howe