On Campus + Online Worship

We are offering on-campus worship on Sunday mornings at 9:00am and 10:30am, and online worship at 9:00am. During this intermediate stage of gathering, our goal is to offer a safe and valuable in-person worship experience for those who are able to attend while also offering excellent online worship for those who feel more comfortable worshiping at home. However you choose to engage in this next stage of expanded worship opportunities, we are all still one Bethany family, committed to staying connected as a community whether participating from home or in the Sanctuary.

If you would like to submit a prayer request to be prayed over during worship, click the link below:

Click Here to Submit a Prayer Request

Preparing to Gather

As you consider attending worship on campus, we want to give you the confidence that we are committed and prepared to follow all health and safety guidelines while continuing to monitor current guidelines and best practices. We will continue to update this page with changes to standards, services, and children’s programming. At this time, we will be taking the following precautions: 

  • On Campus worship services are held in the Sanctuary. After recent repairs, the ventilation system is significantly improved (11-12 air changes per hour) and the sanctuary is much safer for worship on Sunday mornings. 

  • Registration is necessary to attend worship on campus, as capacity will be limited. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with bar code. Please have this handy on your mobile device or print it out and bring it with you to help with check-in when you arrive on campus.

    Please note: if you are having any technical difficulties or don’t have a way to register online, please call the church office (206) 284-2222 (leave a detailed message) and we will fill out the registration for you. You can also email Suzanne at suzannem@bethanypc.org.

  • Nursery Care will be available at the 10:30am service for newborns to 2-year-olds; there will be a way to register for this on the online registration form. Nursery workers are vaccinated.

  • Children’s Programming will be offered during the 10:30am service. Children ages 3 years through 5th grade will remain with their families in the Sanctuary through the Children’s Message; after that time, children in this age group will be dismissed to attend the outdoor children’s program for those families who would like to participate. Printed children’s bulletins will be available.
    • Cleaning of our campus will continue to take place at or above all guidelines set forth by the CDC, including but not limited to all surfaces in the fellowship hall, lobby, restrooms and any other high-touch surfaces. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the building for your use.
    • COVID-19 Safety Guidelines – we are committed to following all CDC, Washington state, and King county guidelines, and ask that you: 
      —Wear a mask covering the nose and mouth whenever on campus 
      —Remain at least 3 feet away from anyone not in your household or pod at all times while on campus
      —Remain at home if you or anyone in your household or pod has a fever higher than 100.4 degrees or has experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 72 hours

        What to Expect On Campus

        • Arrival:  Please come to the Fellowship Hall lobby doors where our Welcome Team will greet you and guide you to the check-in area.
        • Checking In:  Our Check-In Hosts will scan your confirmation code so you don’t need to spend time signing in/filling out your contact tracing information.
        • Seating:  From there, enter the narthex and the Ushers will help guide you to your seats. You will be seated with those from your household or pod following all COVID-19 regulations. Families who are registered for nursery care should plan to go all the way through check-in and find your seats in the Sanctuary first; then you can take your child on to the nursery from there.
        • Exit/Traffic Flow:  Once the service has ended, you will be asked to exit the building through the tower doors where you can enjoy fellowship time on the lawn.
        • Mask Wearing:  While we know many of us will be fully vaccinated (based on responses from our return-to-campus survey), please be aware that there will be mixed vaccination statuses indoors (including our younger children who are not yet eligible). In our ongoing effort to take care of each other, every person will be required to wear a mask over the age of five. The only exception is for worship leaders who will be speaking or singing from the front. Otherwise, everyone in attendance will wear a mask at all times.
        • Touch-Free:  We have also given lots of thought toward making our indoor experience as touch-free as possible. Here’s what you can anticipate:
          • Bulletins will not be handed out, but fresh copies will be available to pick up at the check-in area
          • Communion (1st Sundays of the month) will be pre-packaged and set out in the check-in area to bring with you into the service
          • Restrooms have been equipped with touchless features, and touchless hand santizer dispensers are provided throughout the building

                What to Expect During Worship

                As we move into this “hybrid worship” time, connecting those worshiping on campus with those online, we are striving to combine the best of what we’ve experienced over Zoom this past year with those aspects of on campus worship that have been so much a part of our Bethany culture in the past.

                • Prayer Time:  To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate fully from wherever we are, our prayer time will be somewhat different than what it has been on Zoom and different from what it was before Zoom*. We will be moving away from using Zoom chat for prayers, and instead will be using a chat page on our website that everyone can access to share prayer requests to be prayed over during worship. This “Virtual Prayer Wall” will be available throughout the week to type in prayers anytime, and can also be pulled up during the service so we all can see the requests and add new ones in real time as we’ve become accustomed to doing. *We considered offering a time for individuals to pray aloud as we used to do pre-Covid but, at this time, we are concerned about the difficulty for those participating online to be able to hear and engage in an equal way.
                • Congregational Singing:  We are now singing as a congregation (still fully masked) in the Fellowship Hall! 
                • Worship Ensemble:  We are now being led by “live” worship ensembles singing unmasked at a safe distance from the congregation. 
                • Worship Bulletins (including resources for children) will be available to pick up at the check-in areas and also still available on our Sunday Worship page online.
                • Offering plates are now being passed during worship for those who wish to give in person
                • Communion (1st Sundays of the month) will be pre-packaged and set out in the check-in area to bring with you into the service

                Serve on Sundays

                This is an exciting time for our community!

                For those who are able and excited to participate in person, we encourage you to be a part of the fun on Sundays by serving. Come and join our Sunday hospitality teams and extend a warm welcome as we begin inviting folks back on campus. Contact Adele Drummond fredadele@comcast.net or Suzanne Mason suzannem@bethanypc.org and let us know how you’d like to help!