Want to suggest a Leader?

By Brian Beaumont, Elder for Nominating Committee

As the elder for the Nominating Committee, it is my great privilege to lead the twice monthly meetings held from September until the following spring. The Nominating Committee represents the congregation in selecting candidates for the offices of elder and deacons from among the membership at Bethany – and the five at-large members on the committee. The members of Bethany elect the candidates each spring. Elders and deacons serve three-year terms (beginning on June 1 of the year they are elected). Meanwhile Nominating Committee at-large representatives may serve up to three consecutive one-year terms (also beginning June 1) before rotating.

Members of the Nominating Committee represent a cross-section of the congregation. Pastor Doug is an ex-officio member who along with Bethany staff and anyone in the congregation – provide input on those ready to enter into leadership at Bethany. Our goal as a committee revolves around prayerfully considering open positions on Session and deacons to nominate a diverse, capable and energetic cross-section of the congregation. In our work the Nominating Committee is continually reminded and are grateful witnesses to God’s work within our congregation and direction to nominate exactly the right person at the right time for needs of His work in the Kingdom through the people of Bethany.

We are looking for your suggestions of folks to fill some of these roles. Your suggestions go to the Nominating Committee, and they pray and discern before they make their nomination to the congregation.

If you would like to nominate a member for leadership, you can do that here!

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