March 2017

MARCH 2017

Matt Bell pointed us to Christ by having us reflect & share in groups on Jesus’ “Love each other” commandment in John 13:34-35.

From Carolyn Burkland learned that February’s income was back up from January’s extreme low, but we also had some significant spending in February that would normally occur later in the year, so that has temporarily put us deeper in the red than we might otherwise be. YTD we are $56,222 in the red.

We spent most of our time reviewing and revising aspects of the draft documents that will be one of the results of our discernment process.

Anne van Roden led us in prayer in thanks to God for our very good discussion in this meeting, and for spirits that can continue to listen to God and turn to God in this process.

We listened to and approved our task force’s recommendations for how we should be in relationship with Seattle First Mosaic Church (formerly First Presbyterian) in the midst of their its conflicts with Seattle Presbytery.

We removed two people from membership who have now joined other churches.

We approved the coming baptism of William Allisdair Douglass.

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