June 2017

JUNE 2017

Carol Andersen pointed us to Christ by emphasizing how Jesus was faithful in the midst of the external & internal tensions that he lived with, and had us reflect & share about the tensions we see in our lives and in Bethany, and how we can follow in Christ’s footsteps as we respond.

Carolyn Burkland reported that 2017 YTD revenue is higher than at this point last year, and 2017 YTD expenses are about the same as 2016.  Historically, we are doing well for this point in the year, with a deficit of only about $26,000.

We voted to recommend to Presbytery’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry that Laura Nile be moved to candidacy status, and appointed a Bethany liaison for Danielle Merseles in her ordination process.

Bethany staff had a chance to share their responses to the Theological Unity and Diversity Statement draft, and later each Session member was invited to describe their impressions regarding the two congregational response gatherings and the feedback we’ve been receiving in writing.

Anne van Roden led us in “praying through Scripture” for our youth, and we prayed for each of the 120 Bethany youth by name.

In other business, we transferred the membership of one member to another church; we approved an upcoming baptism; and for the coming year, we elected corporate officers, elected Commissioners to Seattle Presbytery, and authorized check signers.