26 Tables

What are the possibilities?

Early most Wednesday mornings Bernardo, our custodian, sets up 26 tables in Fellowship Hall. There are set up for the Wednesday night dinner. But they sit lonely until 2 or 3 in the afternoon when tablecloths cover each one in anticipation of our dinner guests. 

A few years ago a small group of quilters started meeting on Wednesday morning to take advantage of this inviting and available space. We use the tables for a variety of projects. The space allows each crafter to spread out and work on a project as they are cut, sew, or handstitch. Sewing machines are connected to wall outlets and an iron and ironing board are also available. 

Members of this group have also been able to help with projects that staff members needed. We have repaired items for Children’s ministries, WND tablecloths, and a big project a few years ago was repairing a set of 8 banners for Worship that had been damaged in a flood in the basement. We also repaired the Easter banners that are hanging in the Sanctuary right now. We also have been creating new banners for the future. 

Sometimes people bring their knitting or embroidery or other needlework. The mornings not only provide a big space to work, but also fellowship with other crafters and the exchange of ideas on a wide variety of topics. Occasionally staff members will stop to chat as they come and go during their work day. 

Are you looking for a group where you can enjoy fellowship and meet other Bethany folks? Currently three of us meet regularly and a few more who come occasionally.

Have you wished you had more work space to spread your project for assembly or seeing the whole thing spread out? Currently, there is a banner, queen quilt top, and a number of smaller projects being worked on. There is room for you to come and join us.

Do you enjoy collaboration with others who enjoy the same craft as you? It is always fun to see what others are working on, learn about different techniques that are new and receive affirmation for the projects from others in the group. 

Do you need a little accountability to complete a project that might otherwise be called a UFO (unfinished object)?

We meet most Wednesdays. We are looking forward to having you check us out and possibly joining us occasionally or regularly. Drop in to see who we are and introduce yourself. Or just bring your project and join us for the morning soon. The door to the Lobby is the best way to find us, we can help you transfer totes and sewing machine into Fellowship Hall. 

We meet from 10 to noon, but sometimes we bring a lunch and stay into the early afternoon. 

Got questions? Email Adele Drummond at fredadele@comcast.net or call her at 206.932.6041 or Glyn Devereaux at glyn.dev@gmail.com. 

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