Hiring: Communications & Systems Director

The Communications and Systems Director supports the vision and ministry of Bethany Presbyterian church through communications and operational programs This person will develop an overarching communications strategy and administer (with support from Bethany’s outside IT contractor, as needed) the IT systems for Bethany Presbyterian. The Communications and Systems Director supervises administrative staff and provides oversight for the daily operational, communications and administrative needs of our staff and Session with an eye to maintaining systems which empower staff and volunteers to use their gifts, make meaningful connections, and grow in being disciples of Christ.

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to Jill Mackie at jrmackie@comcast.net by March 1.

Hours The job is full-time at 40 hours per week. Specific time responsibilities include attending all staff meetings (Wednesdays), at least 50% of Session meetings (2nd Tuesday night of the month), and a worship service on at least 50% of Sundays. There are some Sunday program responsibilities.



  • Develop a communications strategy for the church at large, highlighting the life of the church and Bethany’s community.
  • Manage announcements and public communication channels to the congregation, through a weekly email, the Sunday announcement bulletin, and verbal announcements.
  • Design dynamic event promotion for ministry events within the church.
  • Create and execute a vision for Bethany Briefs newsletter and blog, including soliciting content from the church and laying out the content in print and web.
  • Supervise and work with the Office Administrative Assistant in thepreparation of the Worship Bulletin, Sunday announcement bulletin, and in the printing and distribution of Bethany Briefs, the Annual Report and other literature as required. 
  • Develop and oversee the church communications and technology budget.
  • Ensure that our church physical space (excluding the Sanctuary) communicates in a way that is in keeping with Bethany’s mission identity.
  • Create and produce the Annual Report, highlighting the stories from the past year, which is presented to the congregation alongside of the end-of-year financial reports. 
  • Support additional church projects as needed, including communications and giving campaigns, photography for church activities and events, and special projects assigned by the Head of Staff. 

Systems and Technical Operations

  • Manage technical systems within the church, including email server and shared file system, wi-fi and internet systems, phone systems and staff computers (utilizing Bethany’s IT contractor as needed), and A/V equipment (in collaboration with the Director of Worship).
  • Administer and manage the church database, currently ‘Church Community Builder’ (CCB), and the CCB scheduling software; train staff and volunteers as necessary.
  • Administer the church website and the mobile app; maintain content, including the CCB calendar.
  • Create an engaging, hospitable online presence through social media and the church website. 


  • Supervise the Office Administrative Assistant.
  • Coordinate with the outside IT contractor and graphic design contractor as needed.
  • Oversee the budget for and maintenance of office equipment.
  • Perform or assist with office administration tasks as needed.


  • A personal commitment to Jesus Christ and openness to the direction of the Holy Spirit.  
  • Pastoral sensitivity and theological insight that informs and shapes congregational communication and fosters growth in Christ.
  • Experience managing projects through their entire life cycle in collaboration with church leaders and staff.
  • Communications, operational, and supervisory experience.
  • Proficiency with and/or a demonstrated ability to learn necessary software tools, including Office 365, Adobe Suite, Dropbox.
  • Experience developing communication approaches and strategies including web site design, web content and on-line distribution.
  • Interest and aptitude in leveraging social media. 
  • Accuracy and attention to detail in content development, money handling, and confidentiality in all matters pertaining to the church and its members.
  • Team player who works well with others.
  • Excellent written and interpersonal skills to work with a diverse population, and to coordinate and manage volunteers.
  • Program coordination and management experience in a volunteer-driven organization is preferred (enjoys administration and enabling others to perform their functions).
  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience is required.