December 2018

Brian Beaumont pointed us to Christ in discussing lament as expressed through musical history. Carolyn reported that we have a … Read More

November 2018

Brian Ives pointed us to Christ in discussing God’s healing of scars and wounds in our lives Carolyn reported that … Read More

October 2018

Reed Standlee pointed us to Christ in celebrating the joy of renewal. Carolyn Burkland reported the positive budget results of … Read More

September 2018

Margie Van Duzer pointed us to Christ in discussing biblical themes of holiness and sanctuary. Lars presented the letter from … Read More

July 2018

Gena Morgan pointed us to Christ through reflecting on the transforming power of love to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Session … Read More

Running in the Spirit

Ever heard of Crossfit? Does it bring to mind ridiculously ripped and beautiful athletes tossing around giant barbells, eating mounds of … Read More