"Christ the Lord is Risen Today"

Directions for recording yourself for this year’s Easter Virtual Choir
Videos must be uploaded by the end of the day on Sunday, March 21st

You will need:

  • Your sheet music for "Christ the Lord is Risen Today": Click Here
  • A device to play a video on. (Probably a computer)
  • A device to record a video. (Probably a phone or iPad) (If your computer has a webcam, it is possible to play and record on a single device, but it’s probably easiest to use whatever you are most accustomed to using for taking video)
  • Headphones or earbuds (corded, please – Bluetooth earphones often lag)
  • A quiet, well-lit place to record (try to avoid running noisy appliances nearby like furnace, dishwashers, fans, washing machines, dryers, ice-maker, etc.)
  • Optional: If you have a nice, external microphone, this would be a great occasion to use it, but it’s not at all required


  1. Learn your part: The conductor videos for each part can be found below - click on your part below to download the relevant one to your playback device (ignore Dropbox suggestion to "get the app" and select "continue to website"):
    --SOPRANO Conductor Video
    --ALTO Conductor Video
    --TENOR Conductor Video
    --BASS Conductor Video

    There are also audio-only recordings of the parts here, but they are for learning the part only and not timed exactly, so do NOT use them to record with:
    --SOPRANO Learning Track
    --ALTO Learning Track
    --TENOR Learning Track
    --BASS Learning Track

  2. Warm up and get familiar with the conductor video: Watch the video and sing along without recording until you feel confident on your part / warmed up enough to sing the melody.
  3. Set up your recording space: NOTE: Only one singer per video. You should record in landscape (wide, like a TV screen) mode with your head and shoulders centered in the frame. Think about positioning your recording device such that you are looking toward it while watching the conductor video.

When you are ready to record:

  1. Put your headphones on/ earbuds in. You may want to move one earpiece away from/ out of one ear to better hear yourself sing. It helps you stay in tune.
  2. Start recording. We will trim the beginning and end of the video for you.
  3. Start the video playback, leaving your headphones unplugged. Why unplugged? Because there will be a few beeps at the beginning of the video that will help us to sync all the videos together in editing.
  4. After you hear the 4 tones, plug in your headphones and smile for the camera during the intro measures.
  5. Do your best singing! It’s extra challenging singing in this format, but we promise you’ll all sound good together. There will be a two-measure key change before the last verse, and we will slow way down at the very end of the piece. Watch the director! And smile one last time after it’s all done before you stop recording.
  6. You did it! Great job! Now upload the video file to this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/u9YzImf9zjeSPNXEe7Rg