Creation Care in Lent
Feb 23, 2019 at 9:30 AM
Organizer: Janette Plunkett
Would you like to care for this beautiful earth as an act of love for God and as a way to draw near to God? Join us on Saturday morning Feb 23 from 9:30 to noon to explore that question.
In the first hour, Janette Plunkett will briefly introduce the connection between creation care and Lent, and Lynne Baab will speak about hopeful spiritual practices. We’ll engage in prayer together with four components – lament, confession, receiving God’s forgiveness, and prayers of dedication.
In the second hour, participants can chose one of five options:
  • practical responses with Janette Plunkett
  • creative responses via art with Sarah and Robbie Sawers
  • creation care in hymns with Sylvia Oines
  • responsible investing with Leola Ross who has worked in institutional investing at Russell
  • brainstorming time for families.      
 There will be fellowship and refreshment breaks.
Fun activities for kids 6 and older will be provided, along with childcare for kids 5 and under.
We are creating a Lenten devotional with weekly suggestions for Scripture, prayer, action, and family engagement. It will be online and accessible for all
The purpose of Lent is weaning us from sin and selfishness so we can be more aware and aligned with God’s will, more willing to be a hopeful participant in His kingdom. This surely  includes a healthy environment and community. 
Join us on Feb 23! And join us during Lent by using the devotional.
Janette Plunkett, JJ Johnson Leese and Lynne Baab are organizing the event. Contact any of them if you'd like to help. (