Moses Sun Window Installation at Bethany Pres - "Diaspora in Seven Movements"

"Diaspora in Seven Movements," by Moses Sun, is an installation of seven stained glass-like windows representing the multiple facets of the African-American Diaspora. Each window evokes the myriad contributions of African Americans in art, engineering, music, medicine, dance, technology, and other facets of American culture. It uses dynamic lines, shapes, and composition to invite the viewer to join a celebration of Black Joy. The colors convey a connection to Africa and the African American Diasporas of Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Egypt, to name but a few. Through "Diaspora in Seven Movements," the artist hopes to inspire a deeper investigation into the history and contributions made by Black people.

About the Artist:  Moses Sun

Seattle based artist, Moses Sun, creates analog, digital, and mixed media art. Sun draws much of his inspiration from his southern upbringing along with Black, African, Asian, and Latinx diasporas. He blends these influences into abstract meditative constellations of movement expressed on paper, wood, and large scale murals. Sun’s work has been shown in both solo and group shows in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle.