Prayer Ministries

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. -- Philippians 4:6-7 (NRSV)

Prayer is integral to our church, undergirding every gathering we hold, decision we make, and activity we undertake. Bethany Presbyterian Church believes in the power of prayer to change our hearts, develop intimacy with God and others, listen and discern. As we reach out through prayer to share our hearts with the Lord, we also deepen our connection and come to understand more of the Lord's heart for us. While the groups listed below welcome new members and offer more formal times for prayer, this isn’t the full extent of prayer at our church. Bethanyites are involved in prayer individually and when we meet in our homegroups, Bible studies, women’s or men’s groups, etc. In fact, almost every time congregants gather, prayer happens.


For prayer requests, you have two options to share with the broader Bethany community:

  1. On Sundays during worship: To continue Bethany’s pandemic engagement with prayer, a new online system, “The Virtual Prayer Wall” (which is a chat page), has been set up that viewers at home and in person at Sunday services can access to submit prayer requests. Requests may be added at anytime during the week or during services to be included in congregational prayer during the service. Submit your requests here:
  1. The Prayer Ministries prayer chain: A group of Bethany members pray for prayer requests submitted by the congregation and friends. Send your requests to Prayer Elder Julia Sensenbrenner. 

PRAYER-FOCUSED GROUPS (all are open to new participants)

Third Sunday Community Prayer (5pm) - This is a time of open prayer when any interested congregants can pray together as they feel led. This group has resumed meeting together online - upcoming dates include September 19th and October 17th. To join Community Prayer via Zoom, click here. Contact:  Marisa Gronholz.

Centering Prayer (Fridays 6:45-7:30am via Zoom) - This group formed after Kelly Langford taught about Centering Prayer for an ACE class. Newcomers are welcome and Kelly will provide training.  To join, contact:  Kelly Langford.

Prayer Ministries (also known as the prayer chain) - This is an email list of Bethanyites who are committed to pray for any prayer requests. Linda Cutshall and Julia Sensenbrenner manage this group, posting congregants’ prayer requests that come through Sylvia Lidell, pastors and staff. To join this team, contact:  Julia Sensenbrenner.

Pray-ers In Worship - This group includes members who are willing to pray for others during or after services. Currently, volunteers are meeting in the courtyard off the Fellowship Hall to pray individually with Bethany members or visitors after the service. If you would like to volunteer, contact:  Julia Sensenbrenner


Racial Justice and Reconciliation Prayer Team (Tuesdays 12-12:30pm via Zoom) - If you’d like to be part of a prayer team for Reconciliation and Justice at Bethany and in our community and world, please reach out to Milt and Metta Smith.

Wednesday Night Dinner Prayer (5pm on Wednesdays) - Several Bethanyites faithfully pray for the WND program each Wednesday evening via Zoom.  Contact:  Tom Oines.

Outreach Partner Prayer Time (quarterly on Sundays at 7pm) - This prayer time is a way to connect over Zoom with Bethany’s outreach partners and pray for them. Upcoming dates include September 26th and December 19th.  Contact:  Marisa Gronholz.

PACT Teams (members coming alongside outreach partners) - The “P” in PACT Teams stands for prayer and is the central grounding element in the groups that surround each of our ministry partners. If you are interested in joining a PACT team for one of our ministry partners, contact:  Marisa Gronholz.

Honduras Prayer Team (occasional Sundays) - This group is comprised of members who have visited the Nuevo Amanecer community in Honduras with a Bethany mission team. They pray for Nuevo Amanecer, Honduras, and former staff and villagers.  Contact:  Frank Holman.

China Prayer Team (quarterly on Sundays) - This group began in 2012 to pray for two Bethany members serving in Hong Kong. The focus has expanded to pray for China, the Chinese Church, and other organizations working in China or with Chinese students in the US.  Contact:  Julia Sensenbrenner.


Urban Impact’s Half Hour of Power (Fridays 1-1:30pm) - Pastors Steve Bury and Harvey Drake lead a time of weekly community prayer focusing on justice and healing in our city, nation, and world. Urban Impact has invited churches and organizations in its sphere to be part of the group, and 3-5 Bethanyites usually attend. Join us on Zoom (recurring link) here.