We worship our living God utilizing contemplative, charismatic, liturgical, contemporary and traditional approaches during our service. We anticipate encountering Jesus during our worship. Join us!

Worship Online With Us – Sundays at 9:00 am

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  • Connect with us this Sunday via Zoom link (Meeting ID 544019993) – Pastors Doug and Danielle, along with other Bethany leaders, will be “Zooming in” from our 9:00am on-campus worship service in the Sanctuary. We look forward to gathering with you all as one Bethany community, whether online or on-campus, this Sunday!
  • We will have a modified 45-60 minute worship service together including a few worship songs, children’s story, brief meditation, and congregational prayer time.
  • There will be an opportunity to submit prayer requests online during the service and one of our worship leaders will incorporate them into our congregational prayer time.
  • START EARLY – so you have plenty of time to get yourself set up on the link and do any troubleshooting ahead of time. Consider trying things out around 8:45am – then grab another cup of coffee and join the chat while you wait for things to get started.
  • CLICK on this Zoom link to connect to online worship: https://zoom.us/j/544019993
    • If you don’t already have Zoom on your device, a screen will come up with the option to download – click “download here” (recommended so you can join quickly next time).
    • If you cannot download or run the application, click on “join from your browser.”
    • Another screen will come up with “Do you want to allow this page to open “zoom.us? Click Allow.
  • LOGIN – you will be prompted to enter your email and name so you can join the webinar
  • SELECT AUDIO OPTION – choose one of the audio conference options: computer audio (recommended so you can watch/listen on the same device) or phone call (if you want to just listen in or don’t have audio on the device you’re using to watch).
  • NEED HELP?  We’ll have a few folks standing by to help you trouble-shoot if you run into any issues – send a text message to 206-617-3056 and someone on the team will call you back.