Bethany Family and Friends,
We have heard that many people eligible for a vaccine in the Seattle area have not been able to secure appointments due to technological barriers.  Do you or your loved one need help securing a COVID-19 vaccination appointment?  Some of our tech-savvy Bethany Young Adults are volunteering to assist you and your loved ones!
Your information will be sent to us and someone will reach out to you with a phone call shortly - just follow these steps:
1)  Please make sure that you are eligible for a vaccine in the Seattle area (if you have any questions about that, please see the WA PhaseFinder site).  We are prioritizing people most vulnerable to COVID-19 who have not been successful at finding a vaccine so far.
2)  Fill out this Vaccine Appointment Form, viewed only by our volunteer team at Bethany.  If you have any questions, please email:
A few notes:
-- This is a program run by volunteers, not the Bethany Staff.  This service is free of charge.
-- You can let others know about this, even if they are not a member at Bethany.  However, please remember they must be in the Seattle area, as we only have information about local vaccine locations.
We know this season has been lonely and there has been a lot of stress around trying to find a vaccine.  We hope this is a small way we can help!
In Christ,
Bethany Young Adults