The Deacon’s Fund

Originally Published April 2015

The Deacon’s Fund is something that you might not know about. I first became aware of it when I was a deacon over 10 years ago. It’s a fund that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but can make a huge impact on people’s lives.

The Deacon’s Fund specifically targets the needs of people who do not go to Bethany. It’s for your neighbor across the street, the kids at the school down the block, the foster kid who lives with the friend of a friend. We have all been in a position where we knew of a financial need that we could not help meet. Maybe the Deacon’s Fund is the answer!

In the last year the Deacon’s Fund has helped in 3 situations that I became aware of – two at our school, and one through a friend:

  • My kids attend Broadview-Thomson K-8, a school with a high poverty level. The teachers do an amazing job of finding low-cost fieldtrips for the students, but even if the tour of the Pike Place Market is free, you still have to get there. Schools busses for fieldtrips cost a minimum of $150. Last year the 2nd grade students at Broadview Thomson K-8 went to the Market because the Deacon’s Fund paid for the bus. Thank you!
  • Technology is an amazing thing, but it can be costly. Middle school students are required to have a flash drive so that they can save their work, but many families don’t have the extra money to provide these tools. Last fall the Deacon’s Fund bought 20 flash drives so that students could fully participate in their classes. Thank you!
  • Just last month the Deacon’s Fund provided a gift card for an 11 year old girl in foster care. She is growing so fast that the hand-me-down shoes and jackets she was given were too small. A friend of mine who works with her asked if Bethany could help. I’m so glad the Deacons said yes!
    Who do you know that could benefit from assistance the Deacon’s Fund?

Contact Linda Cutshall, for more information.

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