Reflecting On Reconciliation with Roger Feldman

By Pastor Lynne Faris Blessing
Originally Published September 2015

Unless you always approach our church from the north side, you have very probably noticed the new BIG and BRIGHT structure on our front lawn. For the next two months we have the wonderful opportunity to experience an art installation which was created by Roger Feldman. The hope for this installation is that it will cause people to reflect on God’s reconciliation. Roger has given us this artist’s statement:

Reconciliation is a broad term. It refers to change between humans and how they regard one another, but it also includes change within ourselves. In our brokenness, we find the way forward through considering other perspectives and seeing a larger picture.

The components of this installation include two walls with jagged tops. These walls refer to brokenness, with individual fragments bound together. The smaller round wall refers to an individual’s experience, while the larger circular wall alludes to community. The little doorway in the larger circular wall requires adults to humble themselves as they come through, while children can walk in directly. When one walks around on the inside of one of the curved walls, unknowingly, they have changed direction by 180 degrees. That is what reconciliation requires, a change of direction, a re-orientation. All kinds of social issues are connected to the concept of “reconciliation,” to the point where issues of justice, economic integrity, and inclusive thinking outweigh limited points of view. Reconciliation is a global human concern and this piece simply asks one to examine their assumptions. “Change” is about that process. Additional refinements will be made over time.

(Roger Feldman)

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