Healing Prayer

By Anne van Roden, Elder for Prayer Ministries

The Bethany Healing Prayer Team prays the first Sunday of each month during second service with anyone who desires healing prayer. We meet at 10:30 am at the worship lectern by the door to the children’s wing. All are welcome!
What is healing prayer? Isn’t all prayer about healing? Bethany has a long history of healing prayer dating back to when Dennis Bennett had a powerful healing ministry in Ballard in the 1970’s that impacted many local churches. Healing prayer at Bethany has come and gone throughout the years and looks different with each group, but always seems to include a similar theology and foundation.

As we read through Mark as a congregation, I have been struck by how much of Jesus’ ministry was dedicated to healing people. Jesus came to bring Shalom – complete health or well-being in every aspect of life – emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological. Jesus’ very presence and touch were what healed people, and he used different methods with different people – there was never a “formula” for how his healing worked.

Because Jesus cares so deeply about each individual and their unique needs, he will respond differently in each situation. We might be praying for physical healing, for emotional healing, or for places where people are “stuck” – stuck in finding employment, stuck in trying to forgive someone, or stuck in an important relationship. We might be praying for past hurts or traumas, or current life issues. The needs are different, but the process is the same. And the truth is, we all need Jesus’ healing touch!

We typically have 2-3 prayer team members praying for one individual. Our healing prayer team brings an individual before the Lord in prayer – First we just listen to what Jesus has to say about what needs to happen for healing to take place. We don’t presume to know what the person needs or what the answers to that need are. We ask Jesus. And we listen. We might get a scripture, or a picture, or a song, or just a sense of what more to ask. We never presume that what is coming to us is definitely “from the Lord.” We ask “does this mean anything to you? Does it resonate?” It is an interactive process, between the team, the individual and the Lord.

We have definitely seen God at work, to varying degrees and in different ways, in the lives of those for whom we pray. Each experience is moving and unique. We have seen problem knees, wrists, illnesses and surgical recoveries all improve after prayer. People have found jobs and started walking closer to God. Many had their perspectives changed, and many leave with a deeper understanding of how completely God knows and loves them. When we ask, God will speak to our deepest parts, and he alone can bring healing to our wounds. We invite you to come experience this deep level of divine love.

Come for Healing Prayer, the first Sunday of every month, 10:30am at the lectern.

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  1. Please pray for Tom Roush and his family. He will be having a scan on Thurs. with hopes that the 3 tumors are gone. I asked Tom how we could pray for him and he said “A miracle”. His wife Cindy has pretty much lost her faith. His cancer issues have been going on for 13 years. Pray for their son Michael who is 24. This last 13 years has taken a toll on him. Thanks to all you prayer warriors out there.

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