High School Fall Retreat

This fall has been a joyous time in ministry. One of my highlights was the High School Fall Retreat, where a group of leaders and students traveled to a home in Gig Harbor. For the weekend we: jumped in a cold pond, played sardines as many times as Danielle would allow, attempted to complete a puzzle (which was super hard and we didn’t finish…sigh), made chocolate chip cookies and ate them straight from the oven, played some crazy basketball games… and we worshiped together, prayed over one another, wondered and responded to God through art and journaling, had small groups, practiced listening prayer…. Generally speaking, we grew closer to Jesus and closer as a community. The biggest gift for me on this trip wasn’t the cookies (close second though), but the small group leaders who gave up a weekend to lead students into vulnerable conversations and pray with them. It was a joy to see students being cared for, encouraged, and played with all weekend long by a group of adults who genuinely loves them.

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