Deacons Call the Troops

Bethany’s Board of Deacons has a “3rd Saturday Projects” crew that sets aside a couple hours once a month to help those who need their help with cleaning, yardwork, home repair, hauling, whatever the Deacons have the skills, tools and trucks to provide to those who do not.

In February, the 3rd Saturday Project was helping a Queen Anne widow sort through her garage and clear her backyard after 15 years. “This is both exciting and terrifying. If it was easy, I would have done it long ago. There will be tears.”

Deacon Paul Steenstra and past-Deacons Gene Williams and Fred Drummond provided emotional and physical support while Elder Brian Beaumont organized scores of Scouts and Scout Parents from Bethany’s Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack to clear trees, play structures, a trailer, blackberry canes, etc. and “Do a good turn daily.”

Scoutmaster Jeff Cropp reminded us, “Being on the receiving side of things, she continues to be on the giving side of things. Today’s youth are starved for opportunities to do things that make a difference in their society and this project is a way of ‘giving’ young people a way that they can do something positive.”

Over 2,600 lbs. hauled, 100 volunteer hours, a truck to Goodwill and 2 bikes to Recycled Cycle later, you can safely walk through the garage and backyard again. There is still more to do, but the Scouts now have 3rd Saturday Projects on their radar when schedules align again.


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