June 2018

We welcomed six new elders to the Session: Kurt Dale, Mark Cutshall, Milt Smith, Brian Ives, Lars Johnson, and Matt Montagner.

Elder Carolyn Burkland led our Pointing Us to Christ time on growing in our trust of God.

General Assembly Commissioners Julia Sensenbrenner and Doug Kelly received input from elders regarding an assembly overture to increase per capita apportionment for the Office of General Assembly.

Treasurer Carolyn Burkland reported that our 2018 revenue is on track with prior year trends. Our expenses are down due to lower seismic loan expenses and reduced computer support costs.

We spent an hour reflecting on a draft of Bethany’s Purpose, Character and Direction statement. We are in a discernment season on identifying 4-6 “growing edges” for Bethany in the next few years.

Session approved an adjustment to Pastor Lynne Faris Blessing’s hours: from its current 25 down to 18 hours per week. Lynne requested this so she could spend more time with family and work Thursday mornings at Allen Belton’s Reconciliation Ministries.

Session called a congregational meeting, July 15, 10:20 a.m. in the Sanctuary to approve Pastor Blessing’s adjusted terms of call (salary) and a one sentence adjustment to Bethany’s Bylaws regarding the timing of our annual meeting.

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