October 2018

Reed Standlee pointed us to Christ in celebrating the joy of renewal.

Carolyn Burkland reported the positive budget results of increased September revenue, leading to an improved financial position vs. prior years. Non-pledged revenue trends remain as reported in prior months.

Session welcomed Jordan Uomoto with a blessing prior to his upcoming ordination examination. Jordan grew up in faith at Bethany and works at St. Andrews Episcopal Church and as a chaplain at the UW Medical Center.

Session explored avenues for how newcomers transition into life at Bethany, reflecting on key questions for creating new paths for newcomers at Bethany, and building on the patterns that already exist. Session members presented stories of their connection points across people, programs, and experiences that were meaningful points in their journey at Bethany.

During brief reports and actions, Doug reviewed the agenda of the October 16 Presbytery meeting. Matt Montagner provided an update on new member programs, and Doug reflected on the positive experiences of the men’s retreat and Wednesday Night Dinner participants.

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